What to Expect While Adjusting to Hearing Aids

adjusting to hearing aids

New Hearing Aids Will Be A Big Change

Whether you are receiving a new pair of hearing aids for the first time or replacing an old pair, there will be a period of adjustment while you get used to the new devices. It’s important to the adjustment process to manage your expectations and be aware of how to best adapt during this period. At Alamo ENT Associates, your ENT Surgeon will refer to your our experienced group of Audiologists to fit you with a hearing aid.

Here are some things to remember after getting your new devices:

There will be follow up appointments

Visiting your Audiologist will be essential in fine-tuning your new hearing aids. They will be able to make adjustments to the devices and help you with any problems you may be experiencing. Be sure to take note of any issues so that you can be prepared for each follow up appointment.

You will experience a new array of sounds!

After receiving your devices, expect to experience a variety of new sounds! The subtle sounds of every day life will start to return to you. Background noise such as footsteps, faucets and birds will suddenly become much more clear. You may not have experienced these sounds for an extended period of time so it will take time to begin to process them.

Be aware of the Occlusion Effect

New hearing devices can sometimes create the sensation of your voice being loud and muffled. This Is called the Occlusion Effect and is a normal part of the process. If this effect doesn’t subside you can always visit your Alamo ENT Associates Audiologist to troubleshoot.

You may notice feedback

If you insert or remove your hearing aids with out switching the devices off you will likely experience some feedback. This feedback will subside once the devices are in place. If you experience any additional feedback once they are secure, contact your Audiologist for adjustments.

You will have to retrain yourself to hear

After experiencing hearing loss, it will take time to learn how to process sounds again. You will have to spend time practicing filtering out new sounds and focusing your hearing on whats important. Hearing is a complex function and it will take your brain time to re-acclimate to the world of sound.

Hearing aids will need to be replaced every 5 years

Your devices will need to be replaced when they wear out. Luckily, technology is continually evolving and improving. Replacing your devices regularly will ensure that you are getting the highest quality results.

We are here to help you through the transition

Adjusting to new hearing aids will take time, but our ENTs are committed to making the transition a smooth one. Our doctors recommend:

  • Maintaining a positive attitude. Committing to the process is essential for attaining the best results.
  • Learning as much as possible about your hearing aids and the adjustment period. Making the transition requires cooperation of the mind and body.
  • Resting when you need to. Your hearing aids will greatly improve the quality of your hearing. So be patient and look forward to better communication and confidence.
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out to Alamo ENT. Our ENTs are always happy to help in any way they can.