Combat Sinus Problems Like a Pro

When you have a stuffy nose, even life’s simplest pleasures can become ruined by the discomfort of sinus pressure.  Common errands or a walk in the park can seem impossible with the congestion built up inside of you. Instead of falling victim to the challenges of stuffiness, take your life back with this information to help combat stuffiness like a pro!

Typical Sinus Problems

One of the most common nose and sinus problems is allergic rhinitis. While this name may sound intimidating, don’t be fooled. Allergic rhinitis is simply the reaction your nasal passages have to ordinarily harmless things that your immune system has developed a sensitivity towards. Such triggers can include pollen, dust mites, and animal dander, but this list is by no means comprehensive. When you face an allergen, your immune system is quickly triggered to attack. It will begin to produce antibodies against whatever it perceives to be a threat to your body, from genuinely harmful bacteria and viruses to everyday mold spores or pollens.  These antibodies alert the cells in your body to combat the enemy invader. In doing so, they cause the tissues in your nose to become swollen and inflamed.  Additionally, the antibodies also trigger extra fluid to be released in attempt to trap and flush out the invading allergens. We recognize this reaction as nasal congestion and nasal drainage.

Combat Stuffiness With an Alamo ENT Pro

If you often suffer from nasal congestion or nasal drainage, we’re familiar with the discomfort and frustration you may feel. For a proper diagnosis to the causes behind your congestion, contact an Alamo ENT specialist for an appointment. When you receive the right sinus treatment, you can actively work to combat stuffiness and find relief. While some home remedies and over-the-counter medicines can offer a temporary fix to some sinus problems, it is not the permanent solution you need. Chronic congestion, allergies, and sinus infections should be properly diagnosed and treated by an Alamo ENT specialist. Put the stuffy days and sleepless nights behind you, and start taking your life back today.