Allergies or Coronavirus?

Allergies or Coronavirus?

Spring time in San Antonio results in elevated pollen and mold counts. With so many unknowns right now, it’s easy to have fear and anxiety. Symptoms such as dry cough and nasal congestion can make you wonder if you should see your doctor or be tested for coronavirus?

Coronavirus symptoms are similar to the common cold – muscle aches, fever, and loss of appetite. The difference with coronavirus is found in the pulmonary symptoms – shortness of breath and cough. Allergies, on the other hand, are more mild symptoms like headache, sore throat, stuffy nose, cough and chest congestion. Just remember that allergy symptoms are not as severe as COVID-19 symptoms. Symptoms such as fever, muscle aches or shortness of breath will be more prominent.

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Do I really feel bad?
  • Do I have a fever of 101.5 or greater?
  • Do I have muscle pain?
  • Do I have a cough and shortness of breath?

It’s difficult to know who is contagious and who is not. Until we have rapid testing that will hopefully soon be available, we need to continue to listen to our healthcare providers and socially distance. Let’s control what we can control and not overwhelm ourselves with the unknown.

In reality, most of us will get this virus. Fortunately, 80% of us will only experience mild symptoms and 15% will experience more severe symptoms. Finally, 5% will become critically ill and require intubation and possibly have respiratory failure and multi-organ failure.

What should I take for my allergies?

Over the counter remedies are effective and inexpensive – Benadryl, Allegra, Claritin, Zyrtec and Flonase, just to name a few. You can even get things such as Sudafed if you don’t have high blood pressure that’s available over the counter but you need to request it from the pharmacy.

You can consult with your doctor via telemedicine to get the best recommendation and without having to actually go to your doctor’s office. Alamo ENT is currently accepting telemedicine appointments to reduce the amount of physical appointments while continuing to serve our patients.

What if my symptoms are more serious?

Please do not go to your doctor’s office. Go to an emergency room or an urgent care center. Continue to be careful, wear your mask when out in public and practice good hand washing.

If you need to schedule a telemedicine appointment, please call (210) 545-0404 or Request an Appointment.