Alamo ENT Associates is now offering telemedicine to our patients

If you are a new patient, please begin the New Patient Enrollment Process

Existing patients, complete the Telehealth Process prior to your appointment.

To patients of Alamo ENT Associates regarding telemedicine,

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic we understand that you may not want to come to our office for routine checkups, medication refills or if you have concerns regarding being out in public during these times. Therefore, we will begin offering scheduled telemedicine appointments using the platform or by telephone.  This will allow our physicians to evaluate and care for you while you remain safely in your home and will also allow us to safely manage the number of patients that come into our clinic.  Please contact our office of your choice and our staff will be happy to help you set up your visit. 

Your insurance company will be billed as if it were a regular office visit. If they do not cover the visit we will charge a fee.  Most insurance companies are now covering the telemedicine visit and some are waiving the patient copay due to the COVID-19 outbreak.  If you are not sure or concerned, please call your insurance company and ask if they are covering telemedicine visits. If you need assistance please call our business office at 210 616-0121. 

We accept most all PPO insurances, Medicare and most Medicare replacements.  We are not Medicaid providers.

For established patients, some examples of telemedicine visits would be medication refills, review of testing that we ordered, allergies, sinusitis and reflux issues. 

Please go through our Telemedicine Process before scheduling your appointment.

We may also conduct some new patient visits after the physician or nurse has talked to you and deemed it appropriate.  If you are a new patient you will need to download and fill out all the forms prior to your appointment.

After your telemedicine visit, it may be determined that the physician will need to see you in person and ask you to come in. 


On a PC or Android phone you will need Chrome or Firefox as your browser.

On an iPhone or iPad use Safari as your browser.

We will send you the link to use for the web browser and you will be placed in a virtual waiting room until your doctor is ready to see you. You will be given an appointment time to know when to log in.   

Feel free to call us with questions at the office of your choice. 
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The Physicians and Staff,
Alamo ENT Associates