Hearing Tips

The Unknown Antidepressant That is Made Just for Your Ear

By: Alamo ENT : February 22, 2018

Is there a connection between hearing loss and depression? Find out more about how hearing aids might be the solution to both problems.

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Living Right: Does It Truely Benefit Your Hearing?

By: Alamo ENT : February 15, 2018

How does your lifestyle affect your hearing health? Find out why there is a connection and what you can do to protect your ears.

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Why Could It Be True That The Ringing in Your Ears Gets Worse at Bedtime?

By: Alamo ENT : February 8, 2018

Does the ringing in your ears get worse at night? It’s a common complaint for people with tinnitus but why does it happen and what can you do about it?

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The Added Difficulties of Single Sided Deafness

By: Alamo ENT : February 1, 2018

What happens when you are only able to hear with one ear? It’s a condition called single-sided hearing loss and it does come with some unique challenges.

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How Can I Know Whether I Have Hearing Loss?

By: Alamo ENT : January 25, 2018

The signs of hearing loss are subtle but they are there if you know what to look for and why.

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How Will Allergies Interfere With Hearing?

By: Alamo ENT : January 18, 2018

Allergies are a fact of life for more people than ever, but could it contribute to hearing problems?

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Will You Really Support Hearing Health By Being Picky About What’s on Your Plate?

By: Alamo ENT : January 11, 2018

People sometimes ask if there are the foods that support good ear health. Could what you eat truly impact what you hear?

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How Could Your Hearing Issue Get Worse If You Wait to Get a Hearing Aid?

By: Alamo ENT : January 4, 2018

It’s a complicated question until you understand how hearing works and why hearing aids help you hear.

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8 Odd Things You Should Learn About Earwax

By: Alamo ENT : December 28, 2017

Do you have questions about earwax? You should because it’s a different, but important, part of ear health.

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How Might Those Sweets Affect Tinnitus?

By: Alamo ENT : December 21, 2017

Tis the season for holiday cookies and dessert. Learn about how sugar can affect tinnitus before you overindulge!

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Wearing a Hearing Aid: Should It Really Earn You More Green?

By: Alamo ENT : December 14, 2017

Worried about the cost of hearing aids? You might be surprised to know what NOT having hearing aids is costing you.

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How Can Getting a Hearing Test Lower the Risk of Dementia

By: Alamo ENT : December 7, 2017

Worried about Alzheimer’s, dementia, or your overall mental health? You might want to see a different doctor than you’d think.

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Do You Think You Should Even Worry About Minor Hearing Loss?

By: Alamo ENT : November 30, 2017

Mild hearing loss may seem like a mild inconvenience, but hiding from your problems is a sure way to make them worse.

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How Hormone Replacement Therapy May Impact Ear Health

By: Alamo ENT : November 23, 2017

Women often wonder if hormone replacement therapy is a safe choice for their health. While there are numerous side effects you should consider before any treatment, this is one you may have overlooked.

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What Ocean Creature Can Someday be the Key to Beating Hearing Loss

By: Alamo ENT : November 16, 2017

One group of researchers say that a tiny sea creature like the Sea Anemone could someday be an effective treatment for hearing loss.

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A Hearing Problem: Might It Interfere With Your Marriage?

By: Alamo ENT : November 9, 2017

Is hearing loss the reason for all that bickering? Find out how hearing loss effects relationships.

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My Incredible Triumph Over Gradual Hearing Loss

By: Alamo ENT : November 2, 2017

What does it take to tackle the challenges that come with hearing loss? Develop a strategy that puts you in charge of your hearing health.

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Why Would You Be Struggling to Hear When Partying With Friends?

By: Alamo ENT : October 26, 2017

You may be asking yourself if it’s the noise from the party or your hearing that’s making conversation difficult. It could be both, but let’s take a more in-depth look.

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7 Silent Dangers of Hearing Loss

By: Alamo ENT : October 19, 2017

Every wonder if your hearing loss is causing more problems than you know? Consider seven risks that ignoring age-related hearing loss can cause.

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3 Basic Tasks to Train Your Hearing

By: Alamo ENT : October 12, 2017
#1 Learn to Filter Noise at Home When you workout your ears, are you working out your mind too? Sound filtering is the phrase we use when talking about how focusing on something essential and filtering out the sound distractions in the room. Exercising this skill keeps it sharp and that means you are able more »

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