Hearing Tips

How Hormone Replacement Therapy May Impact Ear Health

By: Alamo ENT : November 23, 2017

Women often wonder if hormone replacement therapy is a safe choice for their health. While there are numerous side effects you should consider before any treatment, this is one you may have overlooked.

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What Ocean Creature Can Someday be the Key to Beating Hearing Loss

By: Alamo ENT : November 16, 2017

One group of researchers say that a tiny sea creature like the Sea Anemone could someday be an effective treatment for hearing loss.

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A Hearing Problem: Might It Interfere With Your Marriage?

By: Alamo ENT : November 9, 2017

Is hearing loss the reason for all that bickering? Find out how hearing loss effects relationships.

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My Incredible Triumph Over Gradual Hearing Loss

By: Alamo ENT : November 2, 2017

What does it take to tackle the challenges that come with hearing loss? Develop a strategy that puts you in charge of your hearing health.

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Why Would You Be Struggling to Hear When Partying With Friends?

By: Alamo ENT : October 26, 2017

You may be asking yourself if it’s the noise from the party or your hearing that’s making conversation difficult. It could be both, but let’s take a more in-depth look.

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7 Silent Dangers of Hearing Loss

By: Alamo ENT : October 19, 2017

Every wonder if your hearing loss is causing more problems than you know? Consider seven risks that ignoring age-related hearing loss can cause.

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3 Basic Tasks to Train Your Hearing

By: Alamo ENT : October 12, 2017
#1 Learn to Filter Noise at Home When you workout your ears, are you working out your mind too? Sound filtering is the phrase we use when talking about how focusing on something essential and filtering out the sound distractions in the room. Exercising this skill keeps it sharp and that means you are able more »

The Compliment You Wish You Could Hear

By: Alamo ENT : October 5, 2017

Hearing loss could leave you missing out on more than just a word here and there. The compliment you’re not hearing costs more than you know.

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What are 7 Tongue Twisters You Must Know If You Want Good Hearing?

By: Alamo ENT : September 28, 2017
Do tongue twisters help improve your ear health? One could make the argument that tongue twisters are effective for brain health and there is a clear overlap between the brain and ears. Tongue twisters bring with them a unique linguistic anomaly – the double onset. In one study, a team from MIT, working with a more »

What Might Doctors With Hearing Loss Do

By: Alamo ENT : September 20, 2017
Is hearing loss something you should let choose your career path for you? For that matter, is there any career that you couldn’t do with a hearing problem? More than 20 percent of the population in the United States has some form of hearing loss and many of them have jobs that you might think more »

Will You Buy One Hearing Aid or Two and How to Choose

By: Alamo ENT : September 14, 2017

When it’s time to make a decision about hearing aids, you might wonder, “Do I really need two hearing aids or will one do?”

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Consider Some Familiar Hearing Problems and How Can You Overcome Them?

By: Alamo ENT : September 7, 2017

Discover 5 most common types of hearing problems and what you can do to overcome them.

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How Might Hearing Loss Affect Your Driving Skills?

By: Alamo ENT : August 31, 2017

What should a person who is experiencing hearing loss think about when planning to drive to work each day or take a road trip this summer?

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Are You at Risk for Hearing Loss – Consider Three Ways to Prevent It

By: Alamo ENT : August 24, 2017

Follow these tips and you’ll have a better chance of avoiding hearing loss.

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5 Secret Ways to Extend the Battery Life of Your Hearing Aids

By: Alamo ENT : August 17, 2017

These little things can make a big difference in your hearing aid lifespan.

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What Should You Do If Your Buddy Needs a Hearing Test

By: Alamo ENT : August 10, 2017

Do you have someone in your life who has hearing problems? Here are some practical ways you can get them to agree to a professional hearing test.

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6 Things to Do to Avoid Damaging Your Hearing

By: Alamo ENT : August 3, 2017

Taking these steps can reduce your risk of significant hearing loss. Consider six things you can do right now to protect your hearing.

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What To Do When Your Family Doesn’t Notice Your Hearing Loss

By: Alamo ENT : July 27, 2017
What happens if you are the only one to realize you have hearing loss? It’s a common scenario among elderly people. They fight to stay involved in conversations but the people around them assume there are other reasons they seem distracted. Older folks can suffer from a number of issues that make them seem distant. more »

What Will You Know After Your Hearing Test?

By: Alamo ENT : July 20, 2017

Hearing tests are performed by a specialist to provide an evaluation of your hearing, but what exactly can you expect to learn from the hearing test?

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Consider 5 Things People Tell Themselves as They Deny Hearing Loss

By: Alamo ENT : July 13, 2017

Simply knowing that hearing loss exists is the biggest obstacle people face. Consider some of the more common excuses people use to deny their hearing loss.

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