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Ear, nose and throat problems can affect anyone in the family, from babies and children to teenagers and adults. At Alamo ENT Associates, our 7-member team of board-certified physicians focuses exclusively on solving these health issues in a professional, family-friendly environment. You will always be seen directly by one of our San Antonio Otolaryngologists — never a PA or nurse practitioner. So you know that you and your family are always receiving the very top notch quality care for every ear, nose or throat condition.

Our San Antonio ENTs Can Help You with Your…

Your ears are your auditory window to the world. They also help you keep your balance while moving through space! Our ENTs are joined by our board-certified audiologists and speech pathologist to help you prevent hearing loss when working, hunting or making music. We often help children with frequent ear infections to find relief so they can hear and live comfortably as they develop their speech skills. We also help you overcome hearing loss through extensive hearing tests and high-tech hearing aids. In addition, we have tinnitus therapies to help those with persistent ringing in the ears, and therapies to stabilize the world for those with vertigo. Never miss another conversation or favorite song again! We can get you the help you need to hear, reconnect and enjoy your sense of hearing all over again.

People who struggle with chronic sinusitis, allergies, facial pain and pressure and nasal congestion never take their noses for granted. Our ENTs can help you find relief from these issues and breathe easy again with the latest therapies and techniques. One of the most promising new techniques for people with chronic sinus congestion and pain is Balloon Sinuplasty, and it’s revolutionizing care for many of our patients!

Talking, breathing and swallowing are just a few essential life activities that can become difficult when you have throat problems. Children often struggle with tonsil and adenoid issues, while adults frequently struggle with thyroid and parathyroid conditions that sap their energy. Other throat problems can affect the voice, swallowing and breathing functions. Snoring and sleep apnea, for example, are major concerns for the sleeping safety and health of many of our patients. Our ENTs can evaluate your larynx and help you sound clear again.

Our friendly, experienced team of ENTs, Audiologists and Speech Pathologists are here to help every member of your family find relief and resolve any ear, nose or throat problem that you are struggling with! Reconnect, listen, talk, breathe, swallow and sleep better today by scheduling an appointment with us at one of our three convenient locations:

Or visit our contact page to send us an email! We look forward to hearing from you.


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